Rocklands Bouldering 2x

Writing a guidebook was the last thing I thought I’d end up doing! It’s funny how when we all started climbing we felt so out-of-touch with the good guys and knew so little about the climbing areas. But with all things that we care about, if you have the love for something and spend enough time with it, you can master it.

So it was for me and Rocklands. The first years were amazing to follow around the pioneers like Fred Nicole, Klem Loskot & Bernd Zangerl, to name only a few, and watch the process from finding, cleaning (not to hard here), projecting and finally sending.

I started documenting the lines out of personal interest as I wanted to know what the lines were called and graded for the future when I was strong enough to attempt them. This slowly grew from rough topo until in 2010 I self published the 1st guidebook to this amazing area.

Eight years later and it was time for all the new problems and areas to be added to the book. And so in 2019 the 2nd Edition was published: Rocklands Bouldering 2x

Purchase it directly from me by sending an email to:

Thx for the support!

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