Scott Noy


Scott Noy was born in Cape Town but grew up on a farm in the Winelands of the Western Cape. While completing a sport science degree at Stellenbosch University he was introduced to climbing by some fellow students. Initially he focused his attention on the granite domes of Paarl Rock which loomed large above his house, a love affair that cullminated in the first complete climbing guide to the area.

At the time, his buddies at university were some the only locals regularly scouting out the sandstone bouldering up north in Rocklands, inviting Scott along for the ride. Soon he had not only found his love for bouldering but his second home and without question, his favorite place on earth. Engrossed with the community and the history, he casually began documenting the increasing number of problems being established, gaining the reputation as the ‘go to guy’ for Rocklands beta. After a few seasons he realized the obvious need for a guide, and with a little encouragement a pet project became a formal guidebook. With the help of the international climbers who developed the areas, his buddies who spent months on end with him at camp, and the farmers who opened up their land, Scott juggled life and his studies with the process of writing a guide worthy of Rocklands.

In 2008 Scott finished his Medical Honours degree at University of Cape Town and was then able to direct his attention to the guide. Now, wherever he travels he is always planning for the next Rocklands season, returning to his home away from home. He continues to document new areas and problems in Rocklands, staying up to date when the time comes for the second edition.

Scott tends to shy away from the conventional ways of approaching objectives and looks for “out of the box” challenges that don’t always push his physical limits but rather stimulates something innate, something that all of us strive for, knowing the unknown… a little adventure. Experiencing climbing destinations is his preferred lifestyle, both international and local, from scouring the vast landscape of Rocklands during his yearly pilgrimage to the resurgence of the ominous granite domes of Paarl Rocks. He is always searching for something new, the next best thing.


Kaddi Lehmann


I started climbing quite some time ago, probably when I was 14 years old, through my brother Christian Lehmann and for that I’m very thankfull. Climbing means a lot to me. There is no other sport or activity which I enjoy as much as climbing. There are a lot of nice things I combine with it like being outside with friends, nature, travel, discover new places, meet people from all over the world and experience their way of living, learning more, being creative, pushing my own limits,… and that is just why I love it.

Since a few years I mainly boulder because I really like those intense focused moments when you try to figure out a boulder problem or when you try to link all the moves of a boulder. All your thoughts are in this one moment, this one move, you concentrate on what you are doing now. I really like the process from not even being able to imagine the moves to figure out my own way to possibly being able to do the boulder. My favourite place for bouldering is Fontainebleau without a question. I like sandstone and its shapes a lot. In Fontainebleau are so many nice boulders with such a broad variety of lines, that test and teach you in every aspect of climbing. Font is my favourite school, I always learn something new there.

I also enjoy climbing routes a lot. There are still so many places to see. I’m very excited for what comes next. There is always something new in climbing.

Through climbing I experienced a lot and I really like thinking back of some travels, great people I met, nice moments, landscapes, achievements in climbing…memories that I’ll never forget and that keeps me motivated.

Achievements and some of my nicest climbing memories for several reasons:)

– Invisible Fist 7b+ at Taipan Wall (Australia), climbing with inspiration of Malcolm Matheson (HB)
– Finishing the Red Parcour of Isatis in a day (62 problems), Fontainebleau (France)
– Fragile Stebs 8b in Rocklands, my hardest boulder so far, very memorable and rewarding (South Africa)
– Kal El 8a in Rocklands, nice roof (South Africa)
– Kingdom in the Sky 7c in Rocklands, found my own way to do this beautiful line (South Africa)
– Purple nipple clan 8a Rocklands (South Africa)
– Sale gosse 7c in Fontainebleau, surprised myself when I sticked the intermediate sloper, small person beta works
– Appartenance 7c in Fontainebleau, not only physical, had to do some mental preparation to climb this house, very rewarding for overcoming some fear
– la fuente 7c Albarracin (Spain)
– Atomic Playboy 7c+ in Buthiers, Fontainebleau (France), memorable process
– Orange Amer 8a in Kronthal (France), very cool moves in a sandstone route
– Have a good flight 7a+ such a cool route in Arapiles (Australia)
– Salle Affaire assis 7b+ at Franchard Sablons, Fontainebleau (France)
– Born to be wild 7b+ at Falkenflue, Basler Jura (Switzerland), very good
– Leftfield 8a at Frankenjura (Germany), puzzle solving in a route, my own way
– Passion 7b awesome route at Truitjiieskraal (South Africa)
– The rhino 7b+ in Rocklands (South Africa)
– Association de Malfaiteurs 7b at Gueberschwihr (France), crazy crux, it even works
– Schaumschläger 7- in Frankenjura (Germany), nice route that has it all
– Dr Pinch 7c+ in Chironico (Switzerland)
– Caroline 7c+ & Techni Coloured Dream Coat 7c at The Otherside, Rocklands (South Africa), very nice
– Traite Deversification 8a at Grotte du Brottsch (France)
– Beurre marga 6b at Isatis, Fontainebleau (France), long time ago when I first tried it, I couldn’t even leave the ground
– Kathioushka 7b+ in Fontainebleau (France)
– Moby Dick 7c at Cuvier Est, Fontainebleau (France)
– The potato problem 7b at Upper Campground, Rocklands (South Africa), own way
– Blindfisch 7b in Magic Wood (Switzerland)
– Down under 7c+ in Magic Wood (Switzerland)
– Vanity 7a+ at 8 Day Rain, Rocklands (South Africa), almost fell on mantle as a foot broke
– Mur du Lombard 7a & La coquille 6c at Hautes Plaines, Fontainebleau (France), very nice


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