Arrived in Font at 4am, so Kaddi & I slept in late… only to be woken up by raring-to-go Clement & John (who arrived from South Africa at 8am!)… but then we discovered mushrooms and plans changed to a 2nd breakfast!



We wanted to go check out Oasis at Maunoury. On the way up the hill had a look at Rababoum, a beautiful highball arête that is regarded by many of the locals as the best 7a in the forest. It is very intimidating but 5 star lines like these are must climb and I couldn’t NOT try. Getting higher and higher with each try I soon reached the point where it was more scary to jump down so committed and sent. Magic line! photo: John Wessels


Kaddi Les beaux quartiers

Kaddi giving it her all on Les Beaux Quartiers a hard 8a on the Gecko bloc. She has been trying it on/off for a while having linked sections but never had luck with the weather in order to try it successively. Hopefully this winter we’ll get some good weather so she can give it a proper go. Fingers crossed! photo: Scott Noy



This elegant Aesculapian snake dropped in to say hello while Kaddi was trying Les Beaux Quartiers. Literally, dropped out of a tree and landed 2 meters from Kaddi. I was off exploring and ran back after hearing Kaddi shout “SNAKE!”, just managing to shoot this before he disappeared down a hole. photo: Scott Noy


John_High-gravity day

John having a high-gravity day on a forced rain day / rest day. photo: Kaddi Lehmann


A Denecort et Colinet

Kaddi & I have a rule that every rest day we go and have a look at a new area. I still get so excited exploring new parts of the forest as you not only discover new boulders but more often then not a piece of history. photo: Scott Noy



In this shot I’m in the process of getting the friction dependent pinch just JUST right. Learned a lot from climbing Oasis, it is one of those classic Fontainebleau problems where you have to find the balance between pulling as hard as you can but relaxing at the same time. Oh, and John got stung on the neck by a bee just before sending. photo: John Wessels



Once again, John wasn’t too worried about his flapper, he manned up and sent Bifurcation next try! photo: Scott Noy


Kaddi_La directe de la fosse

Impressive to watch Kaddi climb La Directe de la Fosse aux Oreilles, an absolute crimping master piece. King line = Respect! photo: Scott Noy


tClement styling his way up Baloo and with that got The send train left the station with Johny & I in first class! photo: Scott Noy

Look at those pants, I will let you guess where Paris Hilton’s face is?!! Clement in the driving seat of the Baloo ‘send-train’ with Johny & I in-tow! Funny how it is in Bleau, you come with a few lines in mind and maybe send a few of them… but you will always leave with more on your list?! photo: Scott Noy


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