Virgin Walls

For those of you who do not know, my base for the last few years has been Freiburg, Germany… and what comes with that, is periods of weather in which climbing outside is less then ideal. Hailing from South Africa, I knew very little about indoor climbing and in the beginning I scoffed at the idea of climbing on plastic… but as with everything, give it enough time and you will grow accustomed to it.

I started setting routes and boulders with Kaddi pity much as soon as I started climbing indoors as it is a great way of earning some extra money while doing something that is creative and, at times, fun. I found I had a knack for it, I guess having climbed in so many areas around the globe it gives you a large database of styles to set from.

Kaddi setting a White problem

Kaddi setting a White problem

So to come back to the theme of the post…

Since forever, there has only been one commercial climbing/bouldering gym in Freiburg, but rumors of others opening were always in the air… until finally this year it all changed with 2 new boulder gyms opening very soon!

Luckily for Kaddi & I, we were invited to be apart of the first ever setting session in Boulder Kitchen. Opening up the many boxes of holds and laying them out in front of the empty new walls… it was like Christmas again! And after 2 days of setting our group had managed to set roughly 175 problems from Fb 2a- 7c! The rest of the holds, including many of the spax (small) holds arrive soon… oh yeah, gonna be fun to set some hard training problems and maybe a couple of Font project simulators for the upcoming season 🙂

Kaddi testing one of the red problems

Kaddi testing one of the Red problems


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