A Font Quicky

With Kaddi firmly in the grips of her Masters Thesis I headed to Font. From the weather report it looked great but these reports lack the micro-beta that Font is famous for… I arrived to perfect temps with clear skies but to a dripping forest… humidity is a harsh mistress!

The night was luckily very cold and the next morning I awoke to a frozen world with the moisture now frost on the ground. With renewed hopes I quickly made my way to 95.2 and headed straight up to Symbiose, a hidden gem that requires great friction for the balancy sloper exit.

After figuring out the tricky but also powerful roof moves I was able to use the great friction and make a fairly quick send 🙂

Symbiose 7c, 95.2 - self portrait

Symbiose 7c, 95.2 – self portrait

Strangely, after a walk around at about 3pm I came back to take a photo and could barely hold onto the holds any more… the humidity was back!


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