Rocklands Refresh

After a couple of relaxing days in Cape Town, Haroun, Marinus Coetzee & I headed out to Ceres in the Southern Cederberg for the weekend. We stayed with the de Bruin brothers who knew the area well and showed us around. Wow, really some of the best quality rock I’ve laid my hands on and for sure I’ll be back next year!

Coke, Witzenburg, Ceres

Scott trying Coke at Witzenburg, Ceres. photo by Haroun Souriji

After a day in Cape Town sorting out my travel back to Europe, Haroun & I hit the road again, this time up to Rocklands. After only a day of climbing, the rain had set in and the next 4 were spent working on our respective parts of the Malawi production.

Haroun hard at work

Haroun hard at work

If the rain wasn’t enough, one morning we woke up to this…

Snow at The Pass

Snow at The Pass

During these forced rest days I did some walking around and was a little shocked at how many paths there were snaking through de Pakhuys. Over the next couple of weeks Chris Kelk, Jason Ruger & I set about clearly marking the trails that should be used and blocking off the unnecessary ones. We also made a structure over the fence that you cross on the way from Camp Sallie to Fields of Joy, as well as marked to trail up to Fields of Joy which was very unclear due to the new paths that have been opened… PLEASE stick to the MARKED trails and PLEASE do NOT set up your own paths!

New paths around Plateau

New paths around Plateau

Eventually the rains cleared and I was able to get on the line I have been thinking of and came to Rocklands to try. Funnily enough it is not a boulder… not even a sport route? It is a trad line that I got on last year and just had to come back to. After spending a few of days cleaning the bottom section of bat piss, figuring out the gear and toproping it to get fitness (broke my heel in Malawi) I felt comfortable to give it a lead burn. First attempt was a rookie mistake on my part as I mess up the gear and pumped out at the crux fingerlocks. Next day I was back and send it 1st try 🙂 Well done Joe, I except this line with both hands – truly 5 star!

Sibamba Ngazibini

Sibamba Ngazibini


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