Roadtrippin’ ZA style

On the way to the airport in Lilongwe all traffic was pulled off the road, a SADC meeting taking place in Malawi with dignities to-ing and fro-ing with their huge military escorts causing havoc. After finalizing the shipping of all the filming gear, we headed to the departures, but due to the high security we had to 1st go through one of those classic magnetic scanners… the joke was that our bags weren’t checked at all, so a pointless exercise and everyone knew it…

Our flight to Joburg was smooth until the last minute as we came into land… high turbulence = high speed landing… hold onto your hat! 500m after getting into our rental car we got stopped by a cop. He made up some bullshit fine and then proceeded to bribe us… after dealing the all the roadblocks in Malawi we were ready for him and without mincing our words we were let go without paying a cent or a fine.

After a detour we arrived in Bloem without a map and found my buddies house with a 50/50 ratio of skills and luck. A zero day followed, so nice to just do nothing! We did have our 1st braai which was amazing, brandy n coke, beer, boerewors, sosaties, Ostrich steaks, braai broodjies and salad – a feast set for a KING! Other eventful things were going to a driving range with rhinos and other large animals walking around free and visiting WOW Prow, a newly developed crag in the middle of nowhere – if you in the area, go there, it’s rad!

Exploring the myriad of holds on the upper face of WOW Prow

Exploring the myriad of holds on the upper face of WOW Prow. photo: Adrian Venter

The drive from Bloem to Oudtshoorn was about 7 hours… but there is not much to see along the way… a straight road… yeah,  that’s about it….

The Long Road

The Long Road

After a few beers and solid nights sleep we were feeling fresh when we headed to the main crag the next morning – I had forgotten how impressive it was! But after two days of getting pumped out of my mind, a month of not climbing is not the best prep for 35m long overhanging tufa climbing, we left for Montagu where the routes were more about power. On the way out we found a day old lamb, so we brought it back to the flock… hopefully this good Samaritan deed will bring us some luck!

Ronny's Sex Shop

Ronny’s Sex Shop

Everything was going smoothy until we stopped off at Ronny’s Sex Shop for a beer and Jack Daniel’s/peanut-butter milkshake… Haroun forgot his sunglasses… and only remembered 20mins down the road, another little detour, haha!

We woke up to dark skies in Montagu and by 9am it was raining so off to Cape Town we were….


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