… and potatoes

A little bit of history on Mangochi… it was once the centre of the slave trade coming from Mozambique and this legacy has left its mark on the communities that live here. The majority of the people are therefore Muslim which makes for a different feel to the rest of Malawi, with some of the woman wearing headscarves and the call to pray that can be heard ever day.

Melissa cleaning a new line at The Seminary

Melissa cleaning a new line at The Seminary

In contrast, the area we are here to explore is situated on the small mountain (larger than Hueco) behind a St. Paul’s Catholic Seminary School – The Seminary. After 5 days there we have probably explored only 5% and climbed 1%! Its hard work developing as rapping down to clean the loose flakes is a must and 2 hours of cleaning can often end with a much harder climb that originally expected, perfect is you have time to project it but frustrating if you have limited time…

A week ago we headed South for a rest and at the same time experience some of the wildlife of Malawi…

Some sea cows

Some sea cows

As you’ve gather from my previous post we have also visited Cape Maclear, which THE tourist destination in Malawi! It is a peninsula sticking out into Lake Malawi with a 3km white sandy beach skirting out on its left flake. Our lodge tightly squeezed into the centre which gave us a feel not of being in Africa but in the Caribbean or Thailand. Everywhere else in Malawi the people are curious to a point where you put up your defense but here they are tourist ‘savvy’ and give you your space… so you can buy something 🙂

Africa is as hard as you make it

First day of exploring on Miss Java

So our goal for Cape Maclear was to find some bouldering on the lake shore and to do this we spent most of our days sailing around this lake. It started to feel more like a holiday than a climbing trip: swimming in the 22 degrees water, suntanning on the boat, or eating pizza with the sound of the waves lapping the beach… tough life indeed!


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