The Meat

We have made it to Cape Maclear and finally have access to the internet again… and a lot has happened!

Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear

First off, we were all pretty worried about Malaria but what you need to worry about when coming to Malawi is… MALAWIA! It’s a condition which comes on slowly but soon you are saying and doing things that normal people find odd. We as a group have all caught this mysterious disease but funnily enough are all quite happy with the side effects.

Malawia in full swing

Malawia in full swing

What i did forget to mention in my last post was that i managed to fall off a boulder and crack my Calcaneus (heel bone) while in Mulanje… so going on 2 weeks now i’ve been limping around like a cripple – thank goodness I have my BD trekking poles!!!

Ben testing the water

Ben testing the water

So after leaving Blantyre, this time heading direction Mangochi, we had an epic finding the correct road as there is some major construction happening. It is frustrating driving parallel to a newly lade highway but your road is best described as a 4×4 track… this plus a few customary wrong turns made our 3.30hrs trip into a 6hrs epic.




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