Off to explore

So after a chaotic night drive with multiple police and military checkpoints on the way we arrived in Blantyre. After taking a few wrong turns as usual we managed to find our way to out lodge. We were lucky enough to have been invited for dinner by Maggie (Chairwoman) & Brian, who are part of the Mountain Club of Malawi. Until this point we had still not had the opportunity to touch or even get a close look at the rock. So the next day when I spotted a hill from our lodge we headed out in hopes we could find access to it.

View from our lodge

View from our lodge

It was amazing to finally get to scramble around and get conformation that there is indeed good solid rock in Malawi. From our vantage point we were able to see a large mountain covered with boulders. What an interesting place! The boulders are great and I wish I had brought with a crashpad!


The next day we drove down to Mulanje which is famous for having the highest rock wall in Africa. Driving past we soon realized that we had come to the right place. Below the wall there were hundreds of boulders! We found a lodge and there we opened a really nice line down by the river. There we had our first experience with Wild Beans! Its kinda like Thistles but the pain is 10x as intense and only goes away after you scrub the tiny hairs out of the skin. After get settled into our rooms we explored the river and found an amazing boulder with a king line on it.

The next day after organizing our porters we made our way up to the base of Chambe. We ran around looking at the boulders and found a few very good lines. Again I ran into Wild Beans, still not knowing what exactly was the cause of so much irritation, and out of desperation rubbed my legs with sand to stop this very unsettling experience.

Haroun, Julie and the porters

Haroun, Julie and the porters

The next 3 days we explored more of the slopes and river and opened some amazing lines!

Yesterday we had a well deserved rest day in Blantyre but today we head out on the next leg of our adventure…


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