Kuchen, Kellerbier und Klettern

All of the trips I’ve done to Frankenjura have been amazing! So when the weather FINALLY cleared and we started to hear that it was possible to climb again… so we made some time! The great thing is that it not only offers great climbing but after doing a bit of driving around (kinda unavoidable) you discover many things to enjoy.


Cake, oh my word, the cake! Nothing will get you up a route like a belly full of cheese-cake 🙂 And after a hard day of pocket pulling every man (and woman for that matter) needs a meal to recharge, in Franken this is made easy with every small town you drive through having a small restaurant.

The essentials

The essentials

You have the choice of all sorts of wholesome meals but I recommend a Schnitzl, or go BIG with a Schäuferla (Pork shoulder)! And of course, you need to wash it all down, here they do it with beer… KELLERBIER!


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