Survival instinct

i just thought i’d share some very helpful beta i figured out as i left Eiger (climbing gym in Freiburg) last night. It was around 10pm and already about -10C! I glided the first 50m downhill and as i turned the corner and started to peddle the cranks just spun and didn’t drive me forward. Kaddi had warned me about this phenomenon and she had to walk home that day after Uni.

I tied spinning the cranks thinking it would warm up the bearings and lock the cog but soon i started to feel the cold and needed to get moving. It is a 20-30min cycle (1.30-2hr walk?) home depending if i “go for it” or not so i should get to it i thought! After deciding not to go back into Eiger and get a beer auf die hand (for the road), i started walking hoping that the spinning wheel would defrost the system and get it going again… but after 40mins of pushing my bike through deserted streets and starting to really feel the cold, and a pee, i suddenly had a great idea… lets try to kill two birds with one stone.

Pee is WARM i thought?!

So i stopped at the next appropriate spot, you can’t just take a leak on the side of the road in Germany.


Worked like a charm, locked right in and got me within 2mins walk of my front door before freezing again.

‘n Boer maak ‘n plan!

A South African saying meaning A farmer always has a solution.

Roadtrip pit-stop



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